Florence Wedding

During the heatwave that engulfed most of Europe in early July, we shot Mackenzie & Zack’s intimate wedding in Florence, Tuscany. It was a simple but joyous affair that we feel so privileged to have been a part of. The emotional ceremony was conducted by Mackenzie’s brother a top a roof terrace with stunning views over the classic skyline. Cocktails were followed by a beautiful, early evening stroll along the river and through the centre of town. The newlyweds led the rest of the wedding party (attracting a rather large number of overly enthusiastic tourists) through Piazza della Republica, past the Duomo and to Restaurant Accademia for a long evening of delicious food, heartfelt speeches and superb Italian Wine.

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Maître Choux

Being from Biarritz myself, when I heard that the talented Basque pastry chef, Joakim Prat, had opened his first patisserie in London, I felt like I had to head over to South Kensington sharpish to sample the delights on offer at Maître Choux. Of course this meant Jonny and I couldn’t resist taking some photos too.

Joakim ended up sending us home with bags full of his favourite little treats to photograph back at home too. Pictures of these coming soon!

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Eshott Hall Wedding

At the beginning of the summer it was great to travel up North to discover beautiful Northumberland and shoot this charming wedding at Eshott Hall. Thank you so much to Tess & George for being so elegant and making this such a fun day!

ps. check out the bride’s amazing self-made stationery

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Alentejo – A photo diary

A flash back to last week when we made our first ever trip to Portugal and spent 3 nights in the region of Alentejo (recently listed in the New York Times top 52 places to visit in 2015). We stayed for 2 nights at Villa Extramuros, a boutique guesthouse set amongst fields of ancient olive trees just outside Arraiolos and owned by the design conscious Parisians, Francois & Jean-Christophe.

After being slightly blown away by the visual contrast between the modern architecture and its rural setting, there is still a stunning infinity pool to enjoy, impressive interiors throughout and enough quirky little details to feast your eyes upon for the duration of your stay. Both the food and wine served up at the villa and in town were delicious. Breakfast was a particular highlight, with homemade bread, pastries, local fresh cheese, eggs and plenty of fruit all served on the terrace. We’d also recommend a wander around Evora and dinner at Tasquinha do Oliveira for a traditional hearty meal and excellent local vinho.

With the region being famous for its wine, we thought a night at L’and Vineyards wouldn’t go a miss before returning home. Highlights here were the spacious and luxurious suites, a meal in the delicious michelin starred restaurant and a massage at the Caudalie spa. The wine wasn’t half bad here either!

Safe to say, we hope to return soon.

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Central London Engagement Shoot

Right at the end of last year, Wayne and Vanessa were over in the UK as part of their last trip to Europe before getting hitched back home this summer in Singapore. They wanted to take in some of the sights of central London so we took a leisurely stroll around Knightsbridge, through St.James Park and into Westminster. Despite the freezing temperatures it was a great afternoon.

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Spring engagement in London

The other weekend, just as Spring officially arrived, we had the pleasure of doing a little engagement shoot with this charming young couple. They were keen to keep away from the crowds and any of the typical London landmarks, so we took photos in their local neighbourhood and ours. Below are just a few of the results. Thanks to both Andrea & Adrian for being such great sports!

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Wedding venues….. decisions, decisions!

We all know that when it comes to planning your big day, possibly the most difficult but equally important decision you’ll have to make is choosing a wedding venue that will fulfil all your expectations. In our experience, the choice of venue is THE key factor that will set the tone for the entire day and determine just how much fun you and all your guests will have.

Putting up tipi’s and having your wedding on private land will always be a lot of fun, won’t break the bank and can provide a relaxed and fun feel. Then the world is your oyster when it comes to finding a theme and planning your decoration and entertainment. Only if have faith in the English weather, mind! Stately homes and country mansions are a plenty in the UK and will always give a wedding a touch of that British elegance from a bygone era. However, there are often restrictions that it’s worth taking into consideration, particularly if you are expecting to party till the sun comes up! A city wedding in a upmarket hotel might not be for everyone, but these establishments are usually experienced at running smooth, successful events where quality of service and product is key, meaning that a lot of the stresses of your average wedding will be taken care of!

Despite beginning our journey into the wedding world in France and continuing to shoot frequently on the continent for couples from all over the world, we still believe the UK has a wonderful variety of unique and interesting venues to choose from. We’ve had the pleasure of photographing weddings at Aynhoe Park, Cripps Barn & Matara centre in the Cotswolds, Emmanuel College in Cambridge, Burgh Island Hotel in Devon, Middleton Lodge in North Yorkshire, Gaynes Park & Creek Sea Barns in Essex and Claridges Hotel in London to name just a few. We’ve picked 4 quite different venues below as a taster for you that we really enjoyed shooting at.

For those on the hunt for a venue right now, check out VenueFinder.com for a handy way to find the best of what the UK has to offer!

Aynhoe Park – Super stylish and quirky Oxfordshire stately home.

venuefinder_001 venuefinder_002 venuefinder_003

Claridges Hotel – A touch of luxury in the heart of Mayfair.

venuefinder_004 venuefinder_005 venuefinder_006

Burgh Island Hotel – Original Art deco hotel on an Island in Devon where time has stood still since the 1930’s.

venuefinder_007 venuefinder_008 venuefinder_009 venuefinder_010

Louise Blouin Foundation – A beautiful blank canvas in West London for couples with a creative spirit.

venuefinder_011 venuefinder_012 venuefinder_013

Perfect DIY details at Bastide de Puget

In June last year we were delighted to photograph our very first single sex wedding for a lovely couple from Paris. The wedding took place at the perfectly serene Bastide de Puget (25mins from Aix-en-Provence).

Coming from a design background, the couple themselves had created most of the decorative details around the venue, including a beautifully inventive & personalised photo booth under a tree in the gardens, which was decorated with hundreds of origami birds hanging from the branches. Favours came in the form of bottles of local olive oil accompanied by scented lavender bags from the Lubéron valley. Food, including foie gras with freshly grated truffle, smoked salmon, an array of shell fish, gazpacho and meat ‘a la plancha’ was served at various stations during the afternoon and followed by a traditional provençal meal on the terrace in the evening. A bbq and pool party the next day with plenty of local rosé wine was the perfect way to top off an extraordinary weekend.

The couple and their guests wish to keep things private but for those of you planning your outdoor/garden wedding this summer, we hope there’s plenty of inspiration to be found in these detail shots alone!

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