South Kensington engagement shoot

New Yorker’s Laura & Jon were working in London last week and wanted to celebrate their recent engagement with a photo session whilst in town. It was Saturday afternoon, so to avoid the crowds we took them on a quick stroll around the beautiful back streets of SW3, finishing up by the Royal Albert Hall where they had their first ever date!

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My favourite New Yorker in London

A few weeks ago was London fashion week and Christina from Troprouge took the opportunity to visit the UK for the first time. We hung out one afternoon around Shoreditch and I couldn’t resist taking some pictures!



Stunning Spanish hotel wedding

Last month we headed to Pamplona for a few nights to photograph our first wedding in Spain. Biarritz couple, Renaud & Sandra, along with their friends and family had taken over the oh so elegant Muga de Beloso hotel for 3 days of exquisite food & wine, romance and lots of fun! Below is a sneak peek at the images we captured along the way.

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Wedding – La Garde-Freinet

One of the highlights of this year so far was the weekend we spent in La Garde-Freinet, 15km north of Saint-Tropez on the Côte D’Azur, shooting a stunning wedding organised by Paris based planners Les Tetes Chercheuses. A romantic church service at the local chapel was followed by celebrations long long into the night back at the bride’s family estate. A delicious brunch was served the following morning on the terrace, where there was plenty of rosé wine from the domain to sooth aching heads and everyone dressed fittingly in white under the bright sunshine. For now, we just have some shots of the details and décor to share with you. Stay tuned for more.

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Engagement Shoot – Provence

Back in June we spent two weeks in the stunning Lubéron valley shooting some gorgeous weddings and generally enjoying a taste of the Provençal lifestyle. During this time we had the privilege of photographing LiPing & John who had come all the way from Singapore in search of the perfect backdrop for their engagement photos. Below is just a sample of some of the stunning locations we found for their shoot. Of course with it being the ideal time of year, we couldn’t resist a quick foray into the lavender fields at sunset!

You can see a larger selection of photographs from this shoot on Style Me Pretty today.

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Wedding – Burgh Island Hotel

A few weeks ago we were privileged enough to shoot the intimate wedding of Hayley & John at Burgh Island Hotel, Devon. This exclusive 1930′s art deco hotel famed as the setting for Agatha Christie’s ‘And Then There Were None’ was an interesting and unusual venue for us to shoot at. The retro but still oh so chic surroundings made for a refreshing change. A short but sweet ceremony & signing of the register in the Captain’s room was followed by Champagne afternoon tea, delicious cocktails in the bar and dinner. Here are a few shots to give you a taster.

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A weekend in Suffolk

Last weekend we spent a few nights in an ancient thatched cottage in the Suffolk countryside. We couldn’t have been more lucky with the weather, which actually allowed us to enjoy a picnic on the pebble beach in the classic English coastal town of Aldeburgh. The fresh pots of crab, prawns and cockles bought directly from the fisherman’s hut were delicious. Sunny visits to Rendlesham Forest & Flatford Mill where Constable was inspired to create the famous painting, The Hay Wain were also highlights.

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Appropriately for January, we just shot these photos for fellow East Londoner, Phoebe who is a personal trainer and pro juicer. Phoebe provides all kinds of personalised juicing and training plans, perfect for those couples who might want to detox and shed a few extra pounds in the weeks or months leading up to their wedding. Check out her inspirational instagram feed @phoebescantfly

Juice_001 Juice_002 Juice_003 Juice_004 Juice_005 Juice_006 Juice_007 Juice_008 Juice_009 Juice_010

Published in New Zealand Weddings Magazine

This month, thanks to one of our clients, we have our photography featured in New Zealand Weddings Magazine. Renowned wine maker Tamra and her husband Simon, who also works in the wine industry, were married in Italy this summer. They chose the hill-top village of Barbaresco set in the heart of the famous wine producing region, Piemonte after getting engaged there a year previously. It was a beautiful day filled with all the romance you’d expect from a small destination wedding in this part of the world… and the wine wasn’t bad either! Tamra & Simon had produced their own special white wine for the occassion, a 2012 Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc that went down a treat in the heat of the afternoon. Special vintages that had sentimental significance to them were also chosen to match each of the 6 courses of Italian fare. Below is a glimpse of the article produced by the magazine as well as a few shots from their big day.

NZMag_001 NZMag_002 NZMag_003 NZMag_004 NZMag_005 NZMag_006 NZMag_007 NZMag_008 NZMag_009 NZMag_010 NZMag_011