A Three Day London Wedding

One of our most memorable occassions of the year so far was Lucy & Lewis’ three day wedding extravaganza in the heart of London. It was a truly romantic affair with a religious ceremony on Friday at Grosvenor Chapel, Mayfair (yes, the one from that scene in Love Actually)… this was followed by drinks, a formal dinner and some fantastic speeches at The Oriental Club. On Saturday evening, many more friends and family were invited to The Pompadour Ballroom at Hotel Cafe Royal where they were entertained by the brilliant Denmark Street Big Band, as well as more wonderful speeches and musical performances, including a serenade from the groom himself. Sunday was the survivors brunch hosted at the Soho Hotel. There was a champagne breakfast and a private screening of ‘High Society’. The absolutely perfect way to end an incredible weekend!

london_wedding_001 london_wedding_002 london_wedding_003 london_wedding_004 london_wedding_006 london_wedding_007 london_wedding_008 london_wedding_009 london_wedding_010 london_wedding_011 london_wedding_012 london_wedding_013 london_wedding_014 london_wedding_015 london_wedding_016 london_wedding_017 london_wedding_018 london_wedding_019 london_wedding_020 london_wedding_021 london_wedding_022 london_wedding_023 london_wedding_024 london_wedding_025 london_wedding_026 london_wedding_027 london_wedding_028 london_wedding_029 london_wedding_030 london_wedding_031 london_wedding_032 london_wedding_033 london_wedding_034 london_wedding_035 london_wedding_036 london_wedding_037 london_wedding_038 london_wedding_039 london_wedding_040 london_wedding_041 london_wedding_042 london_wedding_043 london_wedding_044 london_wedding_045 london_wedding_046 london_wedding_047 london_wedding_048 london_wedding_049 london_wedding_050 london_wedding_051 london_wedding_052 london_wedding_053 london_wedding_054 london_wedding_055 london_wedding_056 london_wedding_057 london_wedding_058 london_wedding_059 london_wedding_060 london_wedding_061 london_wedding_062 london_wedding_063 london_wedding_064 london_wedding_065 london_wedding_066 london_wedding_067 london_wedding_068 london_wedding_069 london_wedding_070 london_wedding_071 london_wedding_072 london_wedding_073 london_wedding_074 london_wedding_075 london_wedding_076 london_wedding_077 london_wedding_078 london_wedding_079 london_wedding_080 london_wedding_081 london_wedding_082 london_wedding_083 london_wedding_084 london_wedding_085 london_wedding_086 london_wedding_087 london_wedding_088 london_wedding_089 london_wedding_090 london_wedding_091 london_wedding_092 london_wedding_093 london_wedding_094 london_wedding_095 london_wedding_096 london_wedding_097

Venues: The Knightsbridge Hotel, Grosvenor Chapel, The Oriental Club, Hotel Cafe Royal, The Soho Hotel.
Flowers: Palais Flowers
Hair Styling: Hair by Slo
Wedding Dress: Zuhair Murad
Evening dress: Alexander McQueen
Shoes: Monolo Blahnik
Band: The Denmark Street Big Band

Wedding at La Bastide de Gordes

Stefanie & Ravi’s wedding took place in one of France’s most stunning locations, the hill-top village of Gordes in the wonderfully romantic Luberon Valley. La Bastide de Gordes Hotel drops steeply down the rockface in a series of terraces bearing pools, gardens and dining areas providing multiple spots in which to take in the views which are equally as stunning as the more famous ones from the other side of the valley.

The history of the region can really be felt at the newly refurbished 5 star hotel, which is one of the main reasons why Stefanie and Ravi decided to travel all the way with their close family and friends from the states to celebrate their marriage.

A wonderfully personal ceremony conducted by Ravi’s close friend in the garden on a lower terrace included some poetic and touching readings from other friends and family and was accompanied by the sound of a Harpist laid on by the hotel as a gift to the couple.

Stefanie looked stunning in her Mark Zunino gown from Kleinfeld Bridal and Ravi really looked the part, so sophisticated in his Tom James custom suit with black bow tie. They certainly did the chic surroundings justice and made our job easy as we took a few moments for photos overlooking the valley and in the cobbled streets of Gordes.

Canapé’s and drinks were served under the heat of the afternoon sun at the other end of the gardens then dinner up on the top terrace restaurant was served as evening settled in and the sun began to set. It couldn’t have been more perfect.

Table decorations and bouquets were as beautiful as ever from the region’s finest florist, Laetitia C, giving the glass walled dining area a wonderfully natural and warm atmosphere as guests tucked into a Provençal feast before heading to party later in the night with music from the oh so slick Thomas Dusseune.

We look forward to being back there this summer!

M&J_Photography_StefanieRavi_blog0001 M&J_Photography_StefanieRavi_blog0002 M&J_Photography_StefanieRavi_blog0003 M&J_Photography_StefanieRavi_blog0004 M&J_Photography_StefanieRavi_blog0005 M&J_Photography_StefanieRavi_blog0006 M&J_Photography_StefanieRavi_blog0007 M&J_Photography_StefanieRavi_blog0008 M&J_Photography_StefanieRavi_blog0009 M&J_Photography_StefanieRavi_blog0010 M&J_Photography_StefanieRavi_blog0011 M&J_Photography_StefanieRavi_blog0012 M&J_Photography_StefanieRavi_blog0013 M&J_Photography_StefanieRavi_blog0014 M&J_Photography_StefanieRavi_blog0015 M&J_Photography_StefanieRavi_blog0016 M&J_Photography_StefanieRavi_blog0017 M&J_Photography_StefanieRavi_blog0018 M&J_Photography_StefanieRavi_blog0019 M&J_Photography_StefanieRavi_blog0020 M&J_Photography_StefanieRavi_blog0021 M&J_Photography_StefanieRavi_blog0022 M&J_Photography_StefanieRavi_blog0023 M&J_Photography_StefanieRavi_blog0024 M&J_Photography_StefanieRavi_blog0025 M&J_Photography_StefanieRavi_blog0026 M&J_Photography_StefanieRavi_blog0027 M&J_Photography_StefanieRavi_blog0028 M&J_Photography_StefanieRavi_blog0029 M&J_Photography_StefanieRavi_blog0030 M&J_Photography_StefanieRavi_blog0031 M&J_Photography_StefanieRavi_blog0032 M&J_Photography_StefanieRavi_blog0033 M&J_Photography_StefanieRavi_blog0034 M&J_Photography_StefanieRavi_blog0035 M&J_Photography_StefanieRavi_blog0036 M&J_Photography_StefanieRavi_blog0037 M&J_Photography_StefanieRavi_blog0038 M&J_Photography_StefanieRavi_blog0039 M&J_Photography_StefanieRavi_blog0040 M&J_Photography_StefanieRavi_blog0041 M&J_Photography_StefanieRavi_blog0042 M&J_Photography_StefanieRavi_blog0043 M&J_Photography_StefanieRavi_blog0044 M&J_Photography_StefanieRavi_blog0045 M&J_Photography_StefanieRavi_blog0046 M&J_Photography_StefanieRavi_blog0047 M&J_Photography_StefanieRavi_blog0048

Other things we shoot…

To end what has been a really great year for us, we thought we’d share some images from the other work we’ve been doing in 2015. Because on top of the weddings and numerous engagement and family photo sessions, we have also had the great pleasure of shooting regular editorial and commercial work for magazines, blogs, newspapers and various brands. Highlights include a portrait session with designer Emilia Wickstead for the Sunday Times Style, shooting Charlotte Tilbury at her home for HELLO Fashion Monthly, meeting Gethin Jones for Speedo and a short but sweet shoot with singer Ella Eyre for the awesome The Debrief. Photographing the beautiful creations of two Michelin star chef Arnaud Bignon at Mayfair restaurant, The Greenhouse certainly won’t be forgotten either. Check out our website, Cochrane/Lay for more of our commercial portrait, travel, food & lifestyle photography.

A big thank you to all of our newlyweds for being so awesome to work with this year. Here’s to 2016!

M&J_Photography_blog2015001 M&J_Photography_blog2015002 M&J_Photography_blog2015003 M&J_Photography_blog2015004 M&J_Photography_blog2015005 M&J_Photography_blog2015006 M&J_Photography_blog2015007 M&J_Photography_blog2015008 M&J_Photography_blog2015009 M&J_Photography_blog2015010 M&J_Photography_blog2015011 M&J_Photography_blog2015012 M&J_Photography_blog2015014 M&J_Photography_blog2015015 M&J_Photography_blog2015016 M&J_Photography_blog2015019 M&J_Photography_blog2015020

Amalfi Coast Wedding

We’ve finally got round to blogging a few photos from one of our favourite weddings of the year! G&D’s big day took place high up above the Amalfi coast line in Ravello, Italy. It was our first trip to the region so we took an extra thirty six hours to explore a little. And as everyone knows who’s been to this part of the world, the scenery is breathtaking… there’s really nowhere else quite like it. Parking our little boat up in the bay at Positano for a lunch of fresh seafood spaghetti & ice cold white wine was a particular highlight. Fingers crossed we’ll make it out to Southern Italy again sometime soon because it’s a wonderful wonderful place.

amalfi_wedding_001 amalfi_wedding_002 amalfi_wedding_003 amalfi_wedding_036 amalfi_wedding_004 amalfi_wedding_035 amalfi_wedding_005 amalfi_wedding_006 amalfi_wedding_007 amalfi_wedding_008 amalfi_wedding_009 amalfi_wedding_010 amalfi_wedding_011 amalfi_wedding_012 amalfi_wedding_013 amalfi_wedding_014 amalfi_wedding_015 amalfi_wedding_016 amalfi_wedding_017 amalfi_wedding_018 amalfi_wedding_019 amalfi_wedding_020 amalfi_wedding_021 amalfi_wedding_022 amalfi_wedding_023 amalfi_wedding_024 amalfi_wedding_025 amalfi_wedding_026 amalfi_wedding_027 amalfi_wedding_028 amalfi_wedding_029 amalfi_wedding_030 amalfi_wedding_031 amalfi_wedding_032 amalfi_wedding_033 amalfi_wedding_034

Mas de la Rose Wedding

In September, Kirsty & Niall dragged themselves away from a life skippering their luxury Yacht in the Caribbean for 3 days to celebrate their wedding in the heart of Provence. La Mas de la Rose was the perfect venue to host their closest friends and family for the long weekend. Planners Lavender & Rose were on hand to help co-ordinate and decorate the wedding with their truly wonderful touch, as always. Florals by Laetitia C hinted at the Scottish heritage with thistles and heather whilst keeping to a truly provençal colour palette to compliment the beautiful natural surroundings.

BEST_IMG_0000_KirstyNiall_0003 kirstyblog_001 kirstyblog_002 kirstyblog_003 kirstyblog_004 kirstyblog_005 kirstyblog_006 kirstyblog_007 kirstyblog_008 kirstyblog_009 kirstyblog_010 kirstyblog_011 kirstyblog_012 kirstyblog_013 kirstyblog_014 kirstyblog_015 kirstyblog_016 kirstyblog_017 kirstyblog_018 kirstyblog_019 kirstyblog_020 kirstyblog_021 kirstyblog_022 kirstyblog_023 kirstyblog_024 kirstyblog_025 kirstyblog_026 kirstyblog_027 kirstyblog_028 kirstyblog_029 kirstyblog_030 kirstyblog_031 kirstyblog_032 kirstyblog_033 kirstyblog_034 kirstyblog_035 kirstyblog_036 kirstyblog_037 kirstyblog_038 kirstyblog_039 kirstyblog_040 kirstyblog_041 kirstyblog_042 kirstyblog_043 kirstyblog_044 kirstyblog_045 kirstyblog_046 kirstyblog_047 kirstyblog_048 kirstyblog_049 kirstyblog_050 kirstyblog_051

Beach Engagement Shoot in Biarritz

As winter is setting in here in London we thought it might be nice to share these pics from August when the awesome Zoe & Nik drove all the way from Provence for a shoot with us on the beautiful Basque coast. Starting off in the fishing village of Guethary, we had just enough time to get our feet wet as the sun was setting over the sea on the beach between Biarritz and Bidart, it couldn’t have been a more perfect. A great way to end our short time there.

blog_zoe_nick_001 blog_zoe_nick_002 blog_zoe_nick_003 blog_zoe_nick_004 blog_zoe_nick_005 blog_zoe_nick_006 blog_zoe_nick_007 blog_zoe_nick_008 blog_zoe_nick_009 blog_zoe_nick_010 blog_zoe_nick_011 blog_zoe_nick_012 blog_zoe_nick_013 blog_zoe_nick_014 blog_zoe_nick_015 blog_zoe_nick_016 blog_zoe_nick_017 blog_zoe_nick_018 blog_zoe_nick_019 blog_zoe_nick_021

Florence Wedding

During the heatwave that engulfed most of Europe in early July, we shot Mackenzie & Zack’s intimate wedding in Florence, Tuscany. It was a simple but joyous affair that we feel so privileged to have been a part of. The emotional ceremony was conducted by Mackenzie’s brother a top a roof terrace with stunning views over the classic skyline. Cocktails were followed by a beautiful, early evening stroll along the river and through the centre of town. The newlyweds led the rest of the wedding party (attracting a rather large number of overly enthusiastic tourists) through Piazza della Republica, past the Duomo and to Restaurant Accademia for a long evening of delicious food, heartfelt speeches and superb Italian Wine.

blogmackzack_001 blogmackzack_053 blogmackzack_003 blogmackzack_004 blogmackzack_005 blogmackzack_006 blogmackzack_007 blogmackzack_008 blogmackzack_009 blogmackzack_010 blogmackzack_011 blogmackzack_012 blogmackzack_013 blogmackzack_014 blogmackzack_015 blogmackzack_016 blogmackzack_017 blogmackzack_018 blogmackzack_019 blogmackzack_020 blogmackzack_021 blogmackzack_022 blogmackzack_023 blogmackzack_024 blogmackzack_025 blogmackzack_026 blogmackzack_027 blogmackzack_028 blogmackzack_029 blogmackzack_030 blogmackzack_031 blogmackzack_032 blogmackzack_033 blogmackzack_034 blogmackzack_035 blogmackzack_036 blogmackzack_037 blogmackzack_038 blogmackzack_039 blogmackzack_040 blogmackzack_041 blogmackzack_042 blogmackzack_043 blogmackzack_044 blogmackzack_045 blogmackzack_046 blogmackzack_047 blogmackzack_048 blogmackzack_049 blogmackzack_050 blogmackzack_051 blogmackzack_052

Maître Choux

Being from Biarritz myself, when I heard that the talented Basque pastry chef, Joakim Prat, had opened his first patisserie in London, I felt like I had to head over to South Kensington sharpish to sample the delights on offer at Maître Choux. Of course this meant Jonny and I couldn’t resist taking some photos too.

Joakim ended up sending us home with bags full of his favourite little treats to photograph back at home too. Pictures of these coming soon!

blogmaitrechoux_0002 blogmaitrechoux_0001 blogmaitrechoux_0003 blogmaitrechoux_0004 blogmaitrechoux_0005 blogmaitrechoux_0006 blogmaitrechoux_0007 blogmaitrechoux_0008 blogmaitrechoux_0009 blogmaitrechoux_0010 blogmaitrechoux_0011 blogmaitrechoux_0015 IMG_9669 blogmaitrechoux_0014