A Three Day London Wedding

One of our most memorable occassions of the year so far was Lucy & Lewis’ three day wedding extravaganza in the heart of London. It was a truly romantic affair with a religious ceremony on Friday at Grosvenor Chapel, Mayfair (yes, the one from that scene in Love Actually)… this was followed by drinks, a formal dinner and some fantastic speeches at The Oriental Club. On Saturday evening, many more friends and family were invited to The Pompadour Ballroom at Hotel Cafe Royal where they were entertained by the brilliant Denmark Street Big Band, as well as more wonderful speeches and musical performances, including a serenade from the groom himself. Sunday was the survivors brunch hosted at the Soho Hotel. There was a champagne breakfast and a private screening of ‘High Society’. The absolutely perfect way to end an incredible weekend!

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Venues: The Knightsbridge Hotel, Grosvenor Chapel, The Oriental Club, Hotel Cafe Royal, The Soho Hotel.
Flowers: Palais Flowers
Hair Styling: Hair by Slo
Wedding Dress: Zuhair Murad
Evening dress: Alexander McQueen
Shoes: Monolo Blahnik
Band: The Denmark Street Big Band
Cake: Nevie Pie

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