Wedding at La Bastide de Gordes

Stefanie & Ravi’s wedding took place in one of France’s most stunning locations, the hill-top village of Gordes in the wonderfully romantic Luberon Valley. La Bastide de Gordes Hotel drops steeply down the rockface in a series of terraces bearing pools, gardens and dining areas providing multiple spots in which to take in the views which are equally as stunning as the more famous ones from the other side of the valley.

The history of the region can really be felt at the newly refurbished 5 star hotel, which is one of the main reasons why Stefanie and Ravi decided to travel all the way with their close family and friends from the states to celebrate their marriage.

A wonderfully personal ceremony conducted by Ravi’s close friend in the garden on a lower terrace included some poetic and touching readings from other friends and family and was accompanied by the sound of a Harpist laid on by the hotel as a gift to the couple.

Stefanie looked stunning in her Mark Zunino gown from Kleinfeld Bridal and Ravi really looked the part, so sophisticated in his Tom James custom suit with black bow tie. They certainly did the chic surroundings justice and made our job easy as we took a few moments for photos overlooking the valley and in the cobbled streets of Gordes.

Canapé’s and drinks were served under the heat of the afternoon sun at the other end of the gardens then dinner up on the top terrace restaurant was served as evening settled in and the sun began to set. It couldn’t have been more perfect.

Table decorations and bouquets were as beautiful as ever from the region’s finest florist, Laetitia C, giving the glass walled dining area a wonderfully natural and warm atmosphere as guests tucked into a Provençal feast before heading to party later in the night with music from the oh so slick Thomas Dusseune.

We look forward to being back there this summer!

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