Amalfi Coast Wedding

We’ve finally got round to blogging a few photos from one of our favourite weddings of the year! G&D’s big day took place high up above the Amalfi coast line in Ravello, Italy. It was our first trip to the region so we took an extra thirty six hours to explore a little. And as everyone knows who’s been to this part of the world, the scenery is breathtaking… there’s really nowhere else quite like it. Parking our little boat up in the bay at Positano for a lunch of fresh seafood spaghetti & ice cold white wine was a particular highlight. Fingers crossed we’ll make it out to Southern Italy again sometime soon because it’s a wonderful wonderful place.

amalfi_wedding_001 amalfi_wedding_002 amalfi_wedding_003 amalfi_wedding_036 amalfi_wedding_004 amalfi_wedding_035 amalfi_wedding_005 amalfi_wedding_006 amalfi_wedding_007 amalfi_wedding_008 amalfi_wedding_009 amalfi_wedding_010 amalfi_wedding_011 amalfi_wedding_012 amalfi_wedding_013 amalfi_wedding_014 amalfi_wedding_015 amalfi_wedding_016 amalfi_wedding_017 amalfi_wedding_018 amalfi_wedding_019 amalfi_wedding_020 amalfi_wedding_021 amalfi_wedding_022 amalfi_wedding_023 amalfi_wedding_024 amalfi_wedding_025 amalfi_wedding_026 amalfi_wedding_027 amalfi_wedding_028 amalfi_wedding_029 amalfi_wedding_030 amalfi_wedding_031 amalfi_wedding_032 amalfi_wedding_033 amalfi_wedding_034

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