Perfect DIY details at Bastide de Puget

In June last year we were delighted to photograph our very first single sex wedding for a lovely couple from Paris. The wedding took place at the perfectly serene Bastide de Puget (25mins from Aix-en-Provence).

Coming from a design background, the couple themselves had created most of the decorative details around the venue, including a beautifully inventive & personalised photo booth under a tree in the gardens, which was decorated with hundreds of origami birds hanging from the branches. Favours came in the form of bottles of local olive oil accompanied by scented lavender bags from the Lubéron valley. Food, including foie gras with freshly grated truffle, smoked salmon, an array of shell fish, gazpacho and meat ‘a la plancha’ was served at various stations during the afternoon and followed by a traditional provençal meal on the terrace in the evening. A bbq and pool party the next day with plenty of local rosé wine was the perfect way to top off an extraordinary weekend.

The couple and their guests wish to keep things private but for those of you planning your outdoor/garden wedding this summer, we hope there’s plenty of inspiration to be found in these detail shots alone!

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