Trop Rouge

Here’s my pretty pretty French/American friend, Christina Caradona. She left Biarritz for New York 5 years ago but always comes back to visit us Biarritz girls each summer. I took these photos of her during her 10 day stay a couple of weeks ago for her to use on her ever so popular fashion blog ‘Trop Rouge’. I think you’ll agree, she’s effing hot and certainly knows how to dress herself, so it was probably the easiest photo shoot I ever had to do!

Alongside her blogging, Christina is a model and an actress (currently filming a cool new show for Nickelodeon).

I’m really looking forward to have the chance to do another shoot later in the year, but this time in New York!

Yesterday, Jonny and I shot a lovely wedding here in Biarritz, so with a bunch more to come in the next few weeks we’ll be blogging about some of them soon.

Pictures by Morgane 

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